Game Media

Game Media

In addition to my art and writing, I've worked on a number of other creative projects including presentations, podcasts, video tutorials and more.
A critical video essay on The Last Guardian and its so-called technical issues

Playlist of my ongoing video series about strategies for the mobile game Terra Battle

A video of the game Fez where I document backtracking from deep in the world back to the starting area

A speedrun of World of Glue, a game by Pippin Barr
No Content podcast, where I interview people who make cool stuff on the internet. Guests include Michael Abbott and Touissant Egan

Unexpected vaporgaze music in SimCity 2000 due to internal audio looping

Student presentations on videogames recorded as a conversational podcast

My Mixcloud page which hosts some recent DJ mixes (not game-related)
Academic Talk
Viewer At Play academic talk on the intersection of art and videogames